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The following rates are for Consignors wishing to put items into our auction, held at our facility. Special rate considerations are given to off-site auctions held at your location, and often the rates are cheaper than our open consignor rates, depending on the estimated value of the items you have to offer at public auction. Off-site rates are based on the estimated value of the items you wish to sell through public auction. Give us a call for a free consultation and quote.

If you consign items to our auction, you will be required to sign a contract with these terms. For vehicles, you must bring the title along with the vehicle, your driver’s license, and the title must be in your name. No double transfers! Auctioneer may refuse any consignment. Quality Consignments Only. Other restrictions may apply.

Commission Rate Schedule
Sale Amount Per Item Commission
$0 to $100   $20
$101 to $500   15%
$501 to $999   12%
$1,000 and up     10%
Buy-Back Fees   Same as above.
No Sale Fee due to reserve   $100
The Seller hereby commissions Lawler Auction Company to sell the above listed vehicles and/or equipment to be sold at a public auction to the highest bidder. The Seller hereby guarantees a clear title, free and clear of all liens or mortgages of any kind whatsoever. Seller hereby declares and guarantees that the items listed above are the sole property of the Seller and that the Seller has the authority to sell and convey said property unto any potential buyer. The Seller agrees to maintain insurance on said property until such time that the property has been sold by the Auctioneer. The Auctioneer is hereby released from all liability whatsoever resulting in the theft, vandalism, fire, or other circumstances causing damage or loss to said items consigned. The Seller hereby authorizes Lawler Auction Company to deduct a commission from the proceeds, as set forth in the commission scale listed above. Sellers are not paid on the day of the auction. Checks are mailed out on following Tuesdays and Wednesdays after the auction, provided that all necessary titles and paperwork has been properly executed and submitted to Lawler Auction Company. No selling or trading is allowed on the auction property, except by the auctioneer. Any person caught making deals on the auction property, or in connection with the results of the marketing of this auction will have their name placed on the auctioneer’s black list (and on the internet) and will be banned from this and all affiliated auctions. Seller has reviewed the above information and certifies that the information is correct and contains no false statements. Lawler Auction Company and the Auctioneer are acting as “Agent” of the Seller.

Buy-Back Option.  . In the event that the Seller decides to place a bid on any items to protect his investment, and the Seller is declared the winning bidder, a commission as outlined above will be assessed for each item by the Auction Company. There are no guarantees of any kind as to what the items listed will bring at auction.

All unsold items must be picked up from Auction site within 72 hours after auction or items will be disposed of at Seller’s costs.

Lawler Auction Company may at its own discretion, but is not obligated to, purchase batteries for vehicles that will not crank, and such costs shall be deducted from auction proceeds along with a $10 additional Service Charge.

Power Of Attorney and authority to act as an “Agent” of Seller.

Lawler Auction Company is hereby authorized to appoint an “Agent” to act in the behalf of the Seller, and such “Agent” shall be given the full authority necessary to execute any documents, titles, affidavits, paperwork, etc. necessary to facilitate a valid transfer of all items over to the successful bidder(s).

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